XYZPrinting announces a $3,000 full-color 3D printer

Comprehensive-colour 3D printing at home has extended been a wild-eyed dream of individuals and hobbyists alike. Therefore significantly it is been enjoyable to print out little trinkets in a single colour, but to generate a little something additional akin to a painted motion determine would be a video game-changer. And, many thanks to inkject engineering, we just could possibly have achieved that milestone.

XYZprinting, the maker of the well-known Da Vinci line of printers – like a printer-scanner that introduced in 2014 – has announced the $3,000 Da Vinci Colour, a printer that works by using inkjet engineering to inject colour right into the filament as its printed. Previous full-colour options expected the use of nylon powder or numerous filaments for mixing plenty of shades to simulate full-colour printing. The Da Vinci Colour just sprays that colour into the very hot PLA filament it works by using to print plastic objects, resulting in full-colour objects. Spools of filament cost $35 and the ink charges $65.

The finest issue? The system gives almost limitless shades. From the launch:

The industry’s final full-colour 3D printer, XYZprinting’s 3DColorJet answer allows the da Vinci Colour to mix and fireplace CMYK colour droplets on to PLA filament for accuracy and precision. The printer’s engineering achieves the full-colour spectrum of 16 million colour alternatives throughout printed levels in finished 3D solutions. The proprietary engineering brings together colour element, which has been perfected in inkjet printing, with highly developed, qualified 3D printing engineering.

Producers have explored this engineering in the earlier but it appears to be like XYZ has at last reduced the complexity and cost plenty of to offer for about the cost of a much better single-colour printer. What can you hope out of this equipment? As you can see from the samples beneath, this printer can actively colour modest parts of a print, unlike other colour printers that print bands of colour by swapping filaments. This indicates you can print some pretty garish things but the limitations of the engineering will are likely to clean out the shades in normal. That stated, you can absolutely see this as a phase up from standard filament printing.

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