Understanding Virtual Assistants – What Skill Does It Take?

There’s one misconception among most people—virtual assistant jobs are very easy and well-suited for anyone. That’s the reason why people searching for online opportunities start by trying out virtual assistant jobs. 

However, you should note that it takes time for one to get the skills needed to become a seasoned virtual assistant. Even people who’ve graduated from colleges or universities don’t acquire these skills overnight. It takes them years to develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this industry.  

Therefore if you are looking forward to becoming a professional virtual assistant, having a strong foundation on the following 6 skills can assist you in becoming successful in your career. 

Typing skills

This is a basic skill that every virtual assistant should have. In fact, word processing is something that most virtual assistants do every day. This includes typing and data entry, among other activities. Therefore, you must ensure that you have an average typing speed of 80 words per minute. Moreover, you must ensure that you maintain 100% accuracy.

Writing and oral communication skills

Communication is key in the world of virtual assistants. The common modes of communication include emails, fax, as well as video calls. As a virtual assistant, you’ll be required to do tasks like managing emails, making presentations, as well as preparing and sending reports—meaning you must have good writing skills. Also, should be able to communicate effectively with your client—and this can be either verbal or non-verbal communication.

Thus, you must ensure that you have exceptional writing and oral communication skills before taking up any virtual assistant job. So, if you feel like your communication or writing skills are not refined, just sign up for an online course to refine these skills.

Computer skills

Professionals from virtual staffing, Allshore, emphasize that computer skills are a must for virtual assistants. It’s important to understand that you shall be working virtually, meaning you’ll be doing all your daily tasks on a computer. Therefore you must know your way around different computer programs that you’ll be using. In addition to this, you must know basic computer maintenance too. This is essential since you don’t want your work to stop because of a crashed operating system or a computer that keeps on freezing every now and then. These are some of the things that you must know how to troubleshoot the moment you identify them.

Organizational skills

A virtual assistant can be handling a number of different projects of different clients at a go. This shows the importance of having excellent organizational skills. For you to handle everything professionally and smoothly, you’ll need to be organized. Therefore, you should never underestimate this skill when searching for a virtual assistant opportunity. 


Self-discipline is essential when handling any virtual assistant task. This should always start by waking up early and preparing to start working early in advance. At times, some non-work-related activities can distract you as you while working on your daily tasks. This can lead to clients reminding you about deadlines, or even canceling your contract. So, you should always avoid such activities. 

Some of the activities that can distract you when working include TV shows, non-essential calls, and social media. By nature, virtual assistant jobs have lots of freedom—which is a big challenge for people without personal discipline. Therefore, you must observe personal discipline if you want to succeed in this area of work. 

Decision-making skills

The ability to think fast and make the correct decision is essential for virtual assistants. At times, a client will assign a particular task, and they will not be around to make any clarifications or answer questions. In such cases, you are required to utilize the available resources to come up with possible solutions, instead of waiting for your client to answer your queries. 

As a virtual assistant, you should possess the instincts for the possible intervention of any issue that happens in the course of your work. Moreover, you should have the ability to process information fast, and then take the right course of action. 

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned skills are some of the essential skills that a virtual assistant should have. Moreover, these skills are in demand, and most clients are willing to pay more for them. So, if you’ve ever wired as an office secretary, personal assistant, or admin assistant, you already have the skills needed to become a virtual assistant.

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