The littleBits Droid Inventor Kit lets you build an R2-D2 of your very own

At any time wanted to make an R2-D2 to call your individual?

You could drop a handful of million bucks to get all the display screen-used components/props…

Or you could devote a handful of months in the store bangin’ on scrap metal to make one from scratch.

Or you could grab littleBit’s new Droid Inventor Kit and call it a working day. It is pint-sized and not really as powerful as the aforementioned alternatives, but hey — it is your R2.

Unfamiliar with littleBits? It was founded back in 2011, and focuses on introducing youngsters to electronics and circuitry by way of modular factors that snap alongside one another. Want to make a small Taboo-style buzzing button? Grab a battery module, a button module and a speaker module, stick their magnetic finishes alongside one another and you’re established — no soldering (and so no soldering iron burns) necessary.

This Droid Inventor Kit is a rather sweet concept: one $99 box that contains all the motors, speakers, stickers, sensors and Droid body components you’d have to have to recreate a bleeping, blorping, rolling R2-D2 of your individual. Want to combine factors up a little bit? You can do that, too:

A companion iOS/Android application offers you the step-by-step breakdown of how to piece factors alongside one another, along with a sequence of missions meant to inspire youngsters to tweak their Droid to their liking. That one higher than, for instance, has a small paper “drill” that spins as it rolls all around the space.

This kit really should get started shipping by September 1st.

This is a rather massive partnership for littleBits they joined Disney’s startup accelerator final 12 months, and this is the initial new product or service to hit the cabinets as a end result. Check it out at all around the 2 minute mark in the video clip down below.

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