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Marketing Tips for Tech Startups

There are a lot of challenges that a tech startup needs to grapple with from the time of its inception. Aside from staying afloat, being noticed and increasing revenue are perhaps the most crucial struggles of any tech startup.

To be noticed and stay ahead of the competition, tech startups should put marketing on top of their priority list. As the experts of Tech SEO by Miromind point out, good marketing can translate to improved ranking, wider reach and recognition, building authority and credibility, and better site traffic. Every business should explore all possible ways to reach the right decision makers, with the hope that this will translate to better sales. This is particularly true in a crowded and highly competitive market, such as the IT and tech sector.

Here let’s take a look at some marketing strategies tech startups can implement to increase sales:

Increase customer awareness

Customers are more likely to consider your products or service once they know more about it. As such, you have to educate more potential clients through the use of video content, whitepapers, e-books, blogs, and other digital awareness strategies. Remember that educational materials educate. They don’t sell but instead influence prospects to buy your products.

Quality social media presence

Every tech startup should have social media presence but this doesn’t mean merely setting up social media accounts. Your social networking sites must engage its target audience, thus should have high-quality, useful posts. Remember: the goal of social media presence is to reach and get in touch with potential clients. Social networking sites like Quora, Twitter and LinkedIn are great sites where you can touch-base with other tech and IT clients and partners.

Building linkages with other non-competitor companies

Marketing is all about increasing awareness about your products and services. A simple yet very effective way to do this is by working closely with other non-competitor companies. Building healthy relationship between businesses can help broaden your business circle and promote your company. It also opens up potential opportunities.

Free trials or subscriptions

Keep your prospects interested and let them try your products and services by offering free subscriptions or trials. This should help generate interest and, at the same time, build trust to your company. You can also gain important data which can lead you to more prospects.

Highlight experiences and stories of satisfied customers

IT and tech startups often have a difficult time connecting with prospects because they present content on a very technical language.  Content in the form of storytelling can help effectively deliver content and build authority for a tech company. To better engage your audience, use stories and testimonials of satisfied customers. This way you can convey your messages to your prospects in a language that is easy to digest.

Build trust

As a tech startup, you have to establish customer trust first and foremost. To achieve this, make sure you provide factual, truthful and updated content. Use tutorials and guides that can help consumers. Connect with your prospects regularly through social media marketing.

Influencer Marketing

To spread word about your company to a wider audience, tech startups can reach out to influencers. Usually, influencers welcome the idea of collaborating with other organizations where they can benefit mutually. For instance, an influencer can promote your products or services, in exchange of perks or giveaways. The large social media presence of influencers can definitely help increase awareness about a company.


Use these marketing tips alongside improving growth and ensuring quality. However, don’t expect that your marketing strategies will be rewarded instantly. Initially, you might see low conversion rate but don’t let this dishearten you. As your company establishes credibility and gains consumer trust, expect better conversion and growth in revenue for your company!


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