Is It Time For Application Modernization?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This proverb is timeless. But does it really work when it comes to apps? Old applications may be working fine today, but the time when you face a big problem is getting closer and closer.

Application modernization is becoming a trend which is hard to ignore, especially if you are planning business scaling or growing. With the technologies changing at the speed of light, staying in the 20th century is a move you can’t afford.

Tricension legacy application modernization experts from Kansas City shared the below information to help you understand if the time for application modernization is finally here for you.

What Is Application Modernization Anyway?

Modernizing an app doesn’t mean erasing it and building everything from scratch. Some parts of the original software are preserved, making the process less costly than programming a new app. Several ways exist to modernize an app:

  • Heavy modernization – re-coding
  • Light modernization – using the original app through a modern cloud service

If you have an old app, which is not mobile-friendly, you are losing money as you are reading this article. Modernization for such apps is vital.

If you have an app written in such old language as COBOL, you may be in trouble. Such apps will become outdated unless modernized on time, using Java or C#.

In case your app is excellent but slow, you need to consider modernization. Modern apps take advantage of modern tools with the software to draw information from big data streams in real time. Such an approach may be vital to the future of your business.  


5 Signs Application Modernization Is Inevitable

If you notice even one of the below problems with your app, modernization is hard to avoid. Better to do it now, before the issues lead to formidable expenses.

1. Poor Resiliency

When the app tends to be “down again” too often, it’s time to make a decision. It’s important to note that getting a new app doesn’t always mean getting resiliency. Novelty is not always synonymous with quality. So it’s important to make a smart investment.

Using cloud technologies can help you make the first step to modernization and resiliency. The next step is utilizing queuing tech for communication between services, which ensure data consistency.

2. Absence From The Cloud

Today, it’s hard to find a company, which isn’t wondering how to jump on the cloud’s bandwagon. The amount of space, communication, and access bonuses the cloud technologies offer are overwhelming.

If your app is still not in the cloud, you may be in trouble. A cloud is no longer a novelty, it’s a must-have. If your app is located on-site or on a physical server in your office, it’s time to consider moving it to a cloud.

3. Old Technologies

One of the worst things you could do is ignore the new technologies. If you see new technologies developing, and your app isn’t taking advantage of any of them, it’s time for a change.

Deprecated technology keeps the company from moving forward. Supporting an outdated app is a waste of time and money. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes. Finally, you’ll be faced with an inability to make a proper update and application’s failure.

4. High Operation And Maintenance Costs

The operation and maintenance costs of your app may have been moderate before, but as new technologies appear, you seem to be spending too much money. Modernizing an app may seem costly in the beginning, but eventually, it will save you the running costs.

Less complex and costly maintenance means higher efficiency. Higher efficiency is the key to boosting revenue. Simply speaking, the ROI of modernization is high in the majority of cases.

5. Users Are Leaving

Well, here is an obvious sign. Your clients are exchanging your app for something else. Most likely, it’s due to the limited number of options and an outdated interface. The faster you act upon this problem, the less money you’ll lose.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about app modernization, you probably need it. Even though it may come at a formidable cost, without it, you’ll be in for heavier expenses. Modernization can help you boost profits and improve client satisfaction.

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