Hear the Guy Behind Google’s AI Music and Art Project Explain How Deep Learning Is Reshaping Sounds and Images

Although a lot of of his colleagues at Google are active operating on items like look for, World wide web browsing, or mobile software, Douglas Eck spends a whole lot of time considering about how to use pcs to make audio that sounds as normal as a pianist tickling the ivories.

Eck is a exploration scientist on the Google Brain team, heading up Magenta—an open up-source exploration job that is building audio and art with machine studying. And though his get the job done may possibly not audio like the typical undertaking for the enterprise, he thinks that specified music’s complexity, building progress on using AI in the imaginative system could bleed more than into other areas, as well.

In this job interview with MIT Know-how Evaluate, Eck discusses Magenta researchers’ endeavours to use deep studying to make solely new sounds and performs some audio produced by way of Magenta. He also discusses what it implies to use AI in the imaginative system, and regardless of whether art can definitely be original if it is created with the enable of a laptop or computer educated on, for instance, the whole background of Madonna tunes.

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