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What is an ICO White Paper and How To Write It

Over the past year, we’ve seen how cryptocurrency has emerged and gained acceptance in the finance world. Numerous startups from across the globe have successfully raised funds using Initial Coin Offering...
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Photoshop Basics for Beginners

The picture-perfect photos you see on the cover of fashion magazines have gone through different stages of thorough editing to make them look perfect. It takes a great photo editor...
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ICO Regulations in the USA

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is responsible for regulating financial markets in the U.S. They have authority over new ICOs when there are investment products sold to consumers...
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3 Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers flexibility, accessibility, efficiency, and scalability to businesses and organizations. It allows businesses to concentrate on their core skills while it delivers multiple applications to run business operations....
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Types of Cloud Computing Solutions

Digging deeper into the new opportunities offered by the cloud leads you to explore different types of cloud computing solutions. Before choosing the one that suits your particular case better,...
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4 Ways Cloud Technology Transforms the Healthcare Industry

Cloud computing has revolutionized the healthcare industry.  Gone are the days when doctors would have to transfer paper medical records through fax machines to other healthcare providers.  Now, all information...
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Types of Virtualization In Cloud Computing

Virtualization involves introducing a layer of a virtual platform between the primary and the secondary system. In short, it aims to separate the physical system of a server and use...
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Advantages of Scala Over Java

Scala may seem like a new programming language for a beginner, despite being created in 2003. It is a complex programming language that includes both object-oriented and functional programming and...
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Yahoo Japan Steps in to Launch a Crypto Exchange Amid Binance Departure

In a rare turn of events, Yahoo Japan announced steps to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. This was after the tight regulation, by Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA), which...
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Binance announces a big move to Malta after a stern warning in Japan

In a show of might, after the ban scare by Japan’s financial securities agency (FSA), Binance is preparing a move to Malta. On March 23, Binance was issued a warning...
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